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If you’ve changed jobs, changed your name, or even moved address, it’s possible that you could have lost super. Unfortunately, having multiple funds means you’re possibly paying multiple fees. If you think you might have lost super, this article is for you.

Estate planning is more than just having a Will. Many of us assume that our superannuation is included in our Will when in fact, it’s not – it’s part of an Estate Plan. If this has come as a surprise to you, find out more here.

October seems to be the ‘dreaded’ month when it comes to the stock market. Some of the biggest stock market crashes have occurred during the month of October, but does this mean October really is any different from other months of the year?

When we think about getting fit, our first thought is usually exercise. What about financial fitness? Here we provide four steps to help you on your journey to becoming financially fit.

And finally, with life becoming so busy it's easy to become burnt out, and sometimes, we may not even realise it. We've provided a few tips to help you incorporate some downtime into your day and avoid burnout.

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